The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was launched on 25th May 2018 to protect consumers and customers against the rising data breaches.

What do you have to do? Keep customer data secure and make marketing communications as clear as possible.

The impact of GDPR on Digital Media and Online Marketing include:

  • Validating consent when you collect personal data from users or customers;
  • Don’t abuse e-mail marketing or use external data sources; Apply the ”right to be forgotten” on user data;
  • Respect the browser cookie policies and make them available on your website;
  • You need explicit consent to use your customer’s data; If you use behavior tracking tools, monitoring users needs to be clearly specified.

Data processing activities on websites are the following:

  • contact forms and e-mail subscriptions - where the data is submitted directly by the user
  • cookies and online tracking - the tricky part, because cookie do track the users’ actions (and it’s also subject to GDPR)

What can you do?

You have to know that all plugins, embedded content, and tools in use on your website all set cookies - that’s why it’s necessary to have a cookie policy and a privacy policy on your website, including the manner that you use to obtain consent from users.

As a website owner, you are responsible for ALL OF THE DATA PROCESSING ACTIVITIES that are going on on your website, including the first party and third party provenance.

5 steps to ensure that your website is GDPR compliant:

  1. Update your privacy policy, rigorously.
  2. Obtain clear consent from your users or visitors/clients to use cookies.
  3. Ensure that the plugins you are using comply with GDPR, especially if you use Wordpress.
  4. Limit the data you collect (Name, E-mail) and store via form submissions.
  5. Clean up your mailing lists and apply the right to be forgotten.

How can 123metrics help you? is a GDPR-compliant tool that measures your website traffic and efficiency with non-intrusive metrics, respecting the personal data of your users!

Why is it the right choice? We don't store any personal information about your users and we're strongly committed to protecting your rights and personal data!

How does it work? 123Metrics needs a minimal amount of data for account creation, just the name, and email. That's it. No other sorts of personal data are gathered or stored. You can read more details in the Privacy Policy.

You have full access to all your data. You have the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of personal data or restriction.

Being a fully GDPR compliant service, 123Metrics has a complete data retention policy.

GOOD TO KNOW: Data will be automatically deleted after 90 days have passed since the subscription has been cancelled. Free accounts do not expire, so a user has to explicitly delete their free account if they no longer use it. Both free and paid accounts can at any time choose to delete their accounts together with all the personal data.

Deletion is permanent and all the data is truly deleted, it is not just marked as deleted.

Try for free and get important metrics about your website, without the worry of the tracking method and GDPR compliance.