Google is tracking you and saves every piece of personal information they find about you, which is unsettling. It achieves this with a plethora of software and services, starting with their own browser (Chrome), all the way to specific tools like Google Analytics.

Whether you are an individual who values his privacy or a website owner who must make sure they respect the privacy of their users, here are 5 reasons why you should stop using Google services like Google Analytics.

1.Hyper Targeted Ads

Has it ever happened to you to be followed around from site to site by annoying ad banners about something you've searched for recently?

Ads are Google's main source of income. Google allows advertisers to experiment with countless of tests until they find the right combination of manipulative triggers that make you to click one of the ads and buy that thing you don't really need.

2.Spreading Of Propaganda And Discrimination

These kinds of ads are used for far worse things than convincing you to buy unnecessary stuff. They directly influence your political opinions, by letting advertisers separate people into smaller groups, making a lot easier to target users with misleading, fake and harmful messages.

These same tools encourage bad behavior, like stereotyping and discrimination. For example, advertisers are allowed to show job offers, housing offers and all sorts of offers to only certain types of people, while none to others.

3.Living In Your Own Bubble

With the help of tools like Google Analytics, Google is able to manipulate your search results based on the profile that they've constructed using the personal data that they've gathered about you.

They do this to maximize the odds of you clicking those personal results, while filtering out the rest. This means that your search results will be totally different from someone else that does the exact same search at the exact same time.

Tailored facts like this disconnect people from reality and make them live in their own constructed reality. How was that old saying, Divide and conquer? This directly applies in this case.

4.All Your Data Is Saved

Google saves your browsing history, location history, search history, purchase history and all kinds of personal data, and they share all this personal information with the governments for surveillance purposes.

In the last year, Google is known to have disclosed data for well over 150.000 individual user accounts. If that isn't a huge red flag, I don't know what is.

5.You Are Getting Robbed of Your Privacy. Time To Get It Back

This is the worst deal of them all. Google is one of the most profitable companies that exists, all because of the fact that they sell and exploit the personal data of their users. Does this seem alright with you? Does is sound honorable?

Fortunately, you no longer have to be a target of Google's harmful practices.

Privacy centered alternatives are sprouting all around for  Google's services. Starting from browsers like Firefox all the way to website analytics tools like 123Metrics.

123Metrics strongly believes that you don't need to violate the privacy of your site users in order to get helpful information about your site performance. This way users can get back control of their personal information, and website owners can continue to get non-intrusive measurements about their business.

Join us and start setting a new online privacy standard for you and your users.